About the Method

We love music and are passionate about people enjoying it.  Having fun in a class environment, while playing music inside an intentional structure allows for growth and development to happen naturally within students.


Every student is as an individual and so we embrace their uniqueness, observe, and cultivate it. Our method is completely oriented to develop the music abilities of individuals with the focus on building a strong music base.  Music is not just notes, it is not just theory.  Learning music is not the same as learning how to shape and create it.  Supplying students with our tools give them access to something far greater than theory, composition or notes.  It gives them access to music.  It gives them access to comprehending abstract ways of interpreting and understanding information for the real world. It also enhances how they interpret, interact, create and react to everyday life.

Music is one of the few wonders you always carry with you emotionally and physically, imagine a world where you can also create it.  This is available within our method.




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As a result of our world travels, we have met great musicians along the way.  We partnered together with instructors around the globe to offer classes taught in several languages. Meet our instructors and join a class

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